FSP Research, Inc. is directed by Philip W. Sherwood, who has over 40 years' experience in applications-oriented polymer research and development, having been employed at CAAP Co., Inc., The Upjohn Company and Dow Chemical USA. He founded FSP Research, Inc. in 1988.

Mr. Sherwood has a broad background in coatings and paint technology. At CAAP Co. he developed specialty polyurethane and fluoroelastomer coatings for aerospace applications. At Upjohn, as part of an ongoing program to assess the viability of various novel organic compounds as coatings intermediates and curing agents, he formulated a variety of coating systems, including solvent-borne paints, powder coatings and electrodeposition emulsions.

His expansion out of the coatings area came as a result of his experience with aliphatic isocyanates, whereby he was given the task of developing color-stable cast and thermoplastic polyurethanes for use as adhesive interlayers in impact-resistant transparency laminates (e.g. aircraft canopies and security glazings).

After the Dow acquisition of Upjohn's Polymer chemicals Division in 1985, Mr. Sherwood worked on a variety of development projects including reaction injection moldable ("RIM") weatherable polyurethanes from aliphatic isocyanates, internal mold release compounds for RIM systems and new MDI-based thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers.

At FSP Research, product development projects which Mr. Sherwood has conducted for corporate clients include thermoplastic and thermosetting polyurethane elastomers, flexible and semi-rigid polyurethane foams, thermosetting epoxy molding powders and castable RTV silicones. He also developed a line of novel maintenance products for the recreational boating market. Since 2000 Mr. Sherwood has specialized in the development of UV-curable products.